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Golden Rules for Flushing IV Catheters:

Release date: 2022-06-01  Click: 1205

·  Use aseptic or sterile technique throughout the procedure.

·  Select the flush volume appropriate for the device and the patient type.

·  Check the expiry date and integrity of the product packaging.

·  Confirm catheter position and patency.

·  Inject the flush solution slowly and steadily to prevent catheter or vein damage.

·  Never flush against resistance.

·  Flush before and after each IV medication administration, blood sampling, blood transfusion, infusion of fluids.

·  When IV catheter is not in use, flush at regular intervals to confirm and maintain patency.

· Ensure that the IV line is clamped before disconnecting the syringe.

· Document flushing procedure and volume used.

· Use a new syringe for each patient.